About Crimson Chaos
HI!  Welcome to Crimson Chaos guild website.  We are a progressive raiding guild who also does pvp, leveling, dungeon runs and socialize.  We strive to make Crimson the best it can be and making it a fun place to hang out as well as play the game.  We do have set guild policies and rules to follow to help keep order to the Chaos of WOW gaming and will do everything we can to keep the garbage out of Crimson.  

    DRAMA is not welcome here.  Now people need to vent about real life and that is one thing but when it becomes guild drama it becomes a noose and we will hang you with it and throw you out of the guild.  Also fighting in guild is not permitted, arguments happen but if it gets heated you may find yourself out of guild.  No one wants to come to this game and be stressed out trying to play it, we all have that in real life and we come here to get away from it.

    We always encourage people to be active in guild and enjoy the game in raids or pvp, however we do not hold hands or carry anyone.  We encourage you to work on your own to get your gear gemmed, enchanted and upgraded for raids and keep your gear maxed to help performance in raid.  Anyone who wants to slack off and wait for others to gear them will find themselves without a raid group.

     Now if you are not interested in raiding or pvp we also have casual players who level, farm, run dungeons and just to sit n socialize.   We have had fun events such as free for all in the gurubashi arena, battle pet competitions, naked race of lvl 1 toons as well as raffle n other events.  As long as people participate and keep active we will continue to do these things to make game play more fun and make you want to log into wow and play instead of dreading it.

    There is alot more i can post but will let it go here.  For more info hit up any member online and they will direct you to  me or any of my officers.  Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if you do not join us I am more then willing to help you find a guild if you do not know where else to look.   In that current case in game mail Wildwolfs-exodar and I will send back  a list of guild names to hit up and if possible a name of their officer to talk too.  May your adventures be epic and your loot legendary!
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